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We'll schedule a convenient time to meet with you at your home or business.  Our goal is to listen first to understand your vision, answer any questions, and provide any input and design help you'd like.  We can also recommend lighting/decor options to ensure it fits with your vision and budget.


Once you're comfortable with all aspects of your project we'll provide you with a proposal detailing the work to be done, product detail, and time-frame.  Our promise is to provide only what you want and deliver on-time with exceptional results. 

Consultation and Proposal

We handle everything from here to ensure a hassle and worry free experience for you.  We'll schedule a time to complete your custom installation with most installs done within a day or two.   We take special attention to care for your property just as you would.

Our mission is to ensure communication with you throughout the process and are happy to accommodate any changes along the way.  When your install is completed, we'll set your timers to the specific times you prefer and you can sit back and enjoy. 

Our installation process provides a worry-free experience.  If there are circumstances that create any issues (extraordinary storms, animal damage, etc.) we will fix them asap at no charge.

We do consistent "checks" throughout the season/year to identify any issues ongoing.   We also encourage our customers to get in touch as soon as any issue is noticed and we'll fix things right away.  We pride ourselves on lighting and decors that looks beautiful throughout the season and on-going services is key in doing so.

Once the spring arrives, we'll schedule a time to take-down all lights and decor (for permanent lighting, we'll continue service ongoing).  We make the things seamless by labeling and boxing all lights/decor so your project is ready to go for next season. Storage is free with our service!


Most of our customers purchase commercial grade lighting with the project the first year.  This means you own the product/equipment which signficantly reduces project cost in future years (often by half or more).  We also offer a rental option as needed.

Removal and Storage

(if applicable)

Maintenance and Service


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